London So Far: A Photo Compendium

First post in 2018! Happy New Year!

Hello, earthlings! I'm really glad to announce that yeah, I'm here, alive and happier than ever. Resettling myself in a new situation was quite a difficult task one or two weeks ago, but as I slowly adapting to the environment, it's getting much much better than I ever imagined before (and I hope that soon I'll be calling London as my next "comfort zone"? Amen for that!).

People often asked me why I decide to move all the way before Christmas and New Year, while the course will not start until the second week of January. Well, the reasons were pretty much classic: one, I want to witness winter festivities (talk about Christmas at a country that actually have winter in their seasons!). Two, I want to adapt in a slower pace; maybe having some sessions of getting-to-know the city (talk about visiting some places that were actually in my bucket list back then on my last visit last summer, hehehe). Without further ado, here are bits and bobs of things that I did while settling myself in London before the semester starts to get busier (with the upcoming projects and assignments that I can't predict just yet). 

Ventured to the some of London's finest FREE museums

The British Museum

Natural History Museum

Visiting some other London's gem

Experienced festivities at Winter Wonderland

Actually visited Camden Lock Market

Celebrated Christmas (like a Londoner)

And of course... First Day of Graduate School

Did you know that I have a Instagram account for my travel snaps? It has been inactive for quite a long time until I came to London some few weeks ago. I feel some places in London (and maybe some other places that I will visit soon, amen!) deserve their own spotlight beside remaining in my own personal account, so I will upload some new contents much more often than before, hehe!

If you feel that you'll love it, do follow and say hi! Until next time!

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